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In this, the genres have a lot in common with Magical Realism.

(Perhaps we punks are really just magical realists who know how to plot?

It's called ", as you might guess from its title, it's at the other end of the spectrum from the transhuman wibbletech extrapolative futures that Charlie likes to explore. Though there's fighting - the protagonist is a retired mercenary turned archaeologist - it's small scale stuff and the focus isn't on the regular army. The same subgenre as EC Tubb's over on Black Gate (*).

The two men wrestled over the gun before Swinton grabbed it and ran away. Wednesday at his residence in East Bradenton, according to Longboat Key police.

On Wednesday, just before 6 p.m., Quanterus Smith, 27, and Brandon Byse, 22, robbed the AT&T store on Thornton Road at gunpoint, demanding money and taking i Phones.

A store worker said the two men stole 10 phones and over 0.

Just when I think I've seen everything, somebody emails me the story about the interracial kiss controversy: the cover photo of the black man and a white woman kissing with a story in the Post-Dispatch's GO!

magazine (April 10) about the best places to kiss in St. Apparently, the photo caused outrage among some St. By the way, let me say that my vote for the best place to kiss in St.