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Yesterday (June 7), it released a report alleging that Foscam security cameras are full of vulnerabilities that could let them be easily taken over by hackers — and that Foscam doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.

Not only are Foscam-branded cameras at risk, F-Secure notes, but so are cameras made by Foscam but marketed under 13 other brand names, including Opticam, Thomson and Netis.

On some websites Flash content loads normally (for example it works great on youtube, hulu, and dailymotion), but on other websites it does not work at all. I've set it to allow sites to save information to my computer. My system is an AMD A6-3400M, 6GB Ram, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

However it is difficult to transfer to a new service provider just because of the contract, fees, etc.The importance of developing measures to understand the scale, nature and impact of these changes is clear.The latest evidence of this comes from Finnish information-security firm F-Secure.I want to return to Rogers but i have to wait two years to pay off all the phones then move over. my favourite was a new phone set up under my son's account and they forgot to add that it was unlimited texting. I was laughing so hard they kept saying how good I was.Although the notion of netnography as a set of tools for exploring consumer behaviour online is not new, the potential of netnographic methods in market research and analysis is still largely undeveloped.