Dish network program guide not updating

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Don't know what the MS is and I don't live in a complex - but I live in Swaziland.

I also have multi-view set up for a TV in the other room.

Which HD PVR do have and what does the install look like? Recordings are not possible to set without a working TV Guide and EPG.

__________________ Easyview, UEC 4T HD PVR, SD PVR, XV Spare decoders: SD PVR(2), PACE HD PVR 4T, DSD 660, 1110, 1131, Explora 1 2 unmentionable FTA decoders Win 10 Pro (64-bit) version 1703, build 15063.138 1.2m antenna, 8-way universal LNB, 2x6 MS, FSM permanently connected.

For about the first month or two, when the INFO button was pushed, the TV would display program information (i.e.

And then one day I turned the TV on and it was (and still is) displaying "No program information" instead of displaying the name of the currently displayed program.

While this is quite inconvenient, the bigger problem is that it won't allow me to record anything in the future since the guide is down. I haven't changed ANY setup configurations on anything and all channels are viewable ... What you describe looks very much like total signal failure on one or more of the incoming signals. Try rebooting the decoder, then go to advanced options network settings, home network and rescan all networks.Its interactive menus are generated entirely within local receiving or display equipment using raw scheduling data sent by individual broadcast stations or centralized scheduling information providers.A typical IPG provides information covering a span of seven or 14 days.Electronic program guides (EPGs) and interactive program guides (IPGs) are menu-based systems that provide users of television, radio and other media applications with continuously updated menus displaying broadcast programming or scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.Some guides also feature backward scrolling to promote their catch up content. Non-interactive electronic program guides (sometimes known as "navigation software") are typically available for television and radio, and consist of a digitally displayed, non-interactive menu of program scheduling information shown by a cable or satellite television provider to its viewers on a dedicated channel.

Dish network program guide not updating