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I do hate it when people mispronounce it or misspell it. I was never made fun of in school or anything, though my parents sometimes called me tara-ble (terrible) but only in jest.

My name is Tara (Tah-rah), and I have NOT always liked my name mostly because people frequently mispronounce it.

This east coaster has gone national now with a sleek and sexy style on The Next Star each and every week. News to Fashion Police to Giuliana & Bill, we see Giuliana Rancic maneuver her way from hosting duties to diaper duties.

Real Style dropped by the set of The Next Star to see what beauty products help Tara Oram keep her girl next door beauty. This red carpet girl has learned a lot of tricks on how to look great on camera and the red carpet thanks to the many hats Giuliana wear and her style savvy co-workers.

I have, however, come to appreciate its meaning, and the Irish heritage of my family.

I am often called "T-air-uh" which is not bad, unless people don't seem to get that this is not my name.

Emma likes to be buried in books and clings to her notion of what is correct.

She disapproves of the office’s “wear what you want” policy because to work at Knight & Payne but it was the only job offered to her so that’s where she is. some kind of legal work which would involve burying herself in legal research and libraries.

And even though the judges did their finest to handicap the competition in Brian’s favour, I don’t think it will be enough to overcome an important fact: No matter how good Brian might be, and how bad Jaydee might bomb, Brian Melo is still just an adequate performer who wears hats while Jaydee is the smiling honky tonk kid from Alberta. This week is a bit odd, to be honest, since we’re at the semi-finals and Sass Jordan is providing our tutelage. However, after a long day during Frosh Week, I’m in need of a break, and Canadian Idol should do just fine.I have had people spell my name as terra, tera, tarra and the normal spelling of tara.I think its a great name although there aren't any real nicknames for it. I have always loved my name, because it is not very common.