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One thing is for sure thought, Sam and his gal make one of the most adorable couples ever!

21-year-old Bailey is originally from Dundee, Michigan she currently resides in Ann Arbor, she currently goes to University of Michigan and she is a pre med student.

But I can tell you that, based on her Instagram photos, she is getting high marks in hanging out and partying and fair marks in studying (yes, she does include pictures of herself studying for tests).

And yes, Bailey likes to wear Wisconsin jerseys with the number 15 on them.

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Wisconsin Badgers breakout star Sam Dekker is set to become a millionaire on Thursday as a 1st round NBA draft pick, but that's not the only thing he has going for him. Check out these 14 SMOKING HOT photos of the breathtaking University of Michigan student.

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Little things like that tell you she’s A) got a good sense of humor B) obviously a fan of her boyfriend’s team and C) capable of putting together a half-decent Vine or at least retweeting one.

She’s also got a knack for putting up some pretty funny jokes about relationships.